Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Engineer, walking, Concept art for senior thesis.

This drawing is for my senior thesis; concept art for a science-fiction world I have created . In the fall I constructed the plot, a diagram of all the characters and a 3D model prototype (seen in a earlier posting). I am now focusing on concept art for the characters in action positions.
Here a senior engineer and he is equipped with a Xamborg Examination Arm, or XARM for short. This tool is mounted over his left arm and attaches to his shoulder and breast plate for weight distribution and comfort. With this tool a engineer can perform multiple tasks with amplified power and precision.
He is also equipped with a standard tool vest, belt and tool pants. In addition, the clothes, boots, helmet and goggles are all supplies that have been past down since colonization three generations ago. Being a Engineer is a lifetime position starting from childhood apprenticeship. They are cherished among there people because they are essential for survival.
I will continue posting concept action poses for all of the characters the rest of the winter and spring.

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