Sunday, May 31, 2009

Character design

Illustrate a character in a space to convey emotion.
Drips fortress of solitude matches his persona. He's a simple guy, lives in a basement and is content. Though he can't help dripping sometimes. I went back in with and quickly added Photoshop graytones to add deph. I'm very happy with the cross-hatching.
Illustrate a super hero that upholds a adjective:
Mine was "Drip." he's a construction worker, a specialist to be exact. He does anything that requires some dripping on a large scale. Such as filling swimming pools and watering landscapes when sprinklers break. By this time I felt very comfortable using cross hatching as my primary technique.
Weight Gain
This assignment's goal was to illustrate a character in 5 segments from very thin to

Illustrate a story.
Our assignment was to illustrate a man who finds a dollar, buys a lottery ticket and gets something unexpected in 5 drawings. I have always felt less-confident drawing figures proportionately but this exercise was very encouraging. I named this guy lawrence.Cute To Brute.

Character Development class. Illustrate a a character, as cute as can be and show the transition into the most ugly and brute character in five drawings. This assignment was very fun, I got some good practice drawing figures in different body gestures.

Missionary transport/ Gunship driving by settlement.
Landscape sketch and color design
First few skecthes of vehicles, people and environment.

Concept Design for Video Games.
The last Illustration assignment was centered on video game concept design, with emphasis on showing the process. The idea was to illustrate your own version of several post-apocalyptic movies we had watched. The option to combine all 3 movies and make your own plot was open. So my game idea was a post-apocalyptic world in which two groups are in constant battle. There are sedentary tribes surviving off the resources left near cities, their main advantage is access to water. In this world, all vegetation has died and replaced by giant water-storing mushroom, in which the tribes exploit and settle around.
The opposing group are the "Missionaries" nomads who travel in large transport vessels comprised of many smaller vehicle parts. They control the remaining oil fields and they're goal is to acquire the encampments for resources such as water, people and parts.
Ideally the game will provide the option to play either characters group.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oedipus's home.
The Forest where Oedipus meets the Oracle.
The Oracle of Delphi
Oedipus's Mother.

Concept design for Animation.
Our next Illustration Concepts assignment was to pick a Greek myth and adapt it for a animation. I chose the myth of Oedipus and focused on creating a entertaining plot for young adults and older to be watched as a Cartoon. The Freudian "Oedipus syndrome" was a element seemed to good to pass up. I emphasized the overbearing mother, and the sheltered son, Oedipus, who live in there castle-suburb. Within these characters I devised a plot in which young Oedipus encounters the Oracle of Delphi, who is more of a crazed diseased hermit. And the thought of Oedipus marrying his bossy, repulsive mother in his eyes is appalling. So he runs away... and the adventure begins!!!