Sunday, May 31, 2009

Character design

Illustrate a character in a space to convey emotion.
Drips fortress of solitude matches his persona. He's a simple guy, lives in a basement and is content. Though he can't help dripping sometimes. I went back in with and quickly added Photoshop graytones to add deph. I'm very happy with the cross-hatching.
Illustrate a super hero that upholds a adjective:
Mine was "Drip." he's a construction worker, a specialist to be exact. He does anything that requires some dripping on a large scale. Such as filling swimming pools and watering landscapes when sprinklers break. By this time I felt very comfortable using cross hatching as my primary technique.
Weight Gain
This assignment's goal was to illustrate a character in 5 segments from very thin to

Illustrate a story.
Our assignment was to illustrate a man who finds a dollar, buys a lottery ticket and gets something unexpected in 5 drawings. I have always felt less-confident drawing figures proportionately but this exercise was very encouraging. I named this guy lawrence.Cute To Brute.

Character Development class. Illustrate a a character, as cute as can be and show the transition into the most ugly and brute character in five drawings. This assignment was very fun, I got some good practice drawing figures in different body gestures.

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