Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oedipus's home.
The Forest where Oedipus meets the Oracle.
The Oracle of Delphi
Oedipus's Mother.

Concept design for Animation.
Our next Illustration Concepts assignment was to pick a Greek myth and adapt it for a animation. I chose the myth of Oedipus and focused on creating a entertaining plot for young adults and older to be watched as a Cartoon. The Freudian "Oedipus syndrome" was a element seemed to good to pass up. I emphasized the overbearing mother, and the sheltered son, Oedipus, who live in there castle-suburb. Within these characters I devised a plot in which young Oedipus encounters the Oracle of Delphi, who is more of a crazed diseased hermit. And the thought of Oedipus marrying his bossy, repulsive mother in his eyes is appalling. So he runs away... and the adventure begins!!!

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