Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Year, 3384" 3D model of a mechanized Feeder

This is what the 3D model of the Feeder looks now as of now. The "Dome" component was more difficult to construct though it may not look it being a simple circular shape. This project has been very educational in what Solidworks is capable of and can't wait to print this out in 3D next spring.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Engineer, walking, Concept art for senior thesis.

This drawing is for my senior thesis; concept art for a science-fiction world I have created . In the fall I constructed the plot, a diagram of all the characters and a 3D model prototype (seen in a earlier posting). I am now focusing on concept art for the characters in action positions.
Here a senior engineer and he is equipped with a Xamborg Examination Arm, or XARM for short. This tool is mounted over his left arm and attaches to his shoulder and breast plate for weight distribution and comfort. With this tool a engineer can perform multiple tasks with amplified power and precision.
He is also equipped with a standard tool vest, belt and tool pants. In addition, the clothes, boots, helmet and goggles are all supplies that have been past down since colonization three generations ago. Being a Engineer is a lifetime position starting from childhood apprenticeship. They are cherished among there people because they are essential for survival.
I will continue posting concept action poses for all of the characters the rest of the winter and spring.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter digital skecthes

After taking a little break from my tablet in the fall I wanted to get some practice over the holidays. Here are a couple digital sketches I made around my house in the last few days.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Great Synchronized Cycle

For this image I focused on meshing recognizable features of industry with those of folk art and traditional themes such as plants and patterns.


This is the first of a new series of drawings I have been very excited about because it mixes two subjects. It is based symbolic primordial figures interconnected with biological and mechanical components. Psychologist C.G Jung and Artist H.R Giger have been huge influence on me Jung for his studies on Archetypes, Symbols and Unconsciousness. Giger for his stunning Bio-mechanical paintings elegantly blending two opposite elements. In this series I've called "Chthonic BioMechia" I am going to explore these concepts by rendering these figures as symbolic images that evoke deep fundamental feelings.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Year, 3384. Senior thesis

Year, 3384 description

This projects final presentation will depict scenes of daily life from the alien world. Humans colonized this world in 3214 to seek a new life. They brought with them machines that help humans survive on new planets by finding and mining available resources. The world is very similar to earths. Vast tundra's with a small variety of species make up most of the surface. Within it are a interesting fauna that resemble parasitic flowers, fungi and animal in one body. These creatures appear as ginormous larvae hunched over a collection of complex bulbous flora. The large insect form are called Feeders, the more plant-like matter iscalled puss. Many of these aspects of the same species are manipulated and exploited for resources by the Colonists Machines called "Examiners". These robotic lifeforms manipulate these lifeforms by first altering the normal growth of Feeders at a young age and applying mechanical inhibitors mutilating the growth of their bodies. The Examiners apply large egg shaped called "Domes" onto pre-mature puss bulbs to covert these organic resources into enegery they will collect. The interaction between manipulated Feeders and Domes produces powerful sustaining fuel the Examiners and Colonists need.
50 years after landing on the planet, the Examiners disobeyed human commands and stopped distributing resources from the feeders. The Settlers have lived for 120 years without the aid of the Examiners. To survive they have managed as nomads, relying on primitive methods of hunting and gathering from the desolate environment.

This chart breaks down the three species to help better understand the function and relation they have with eachother.

Year, 3384 Environment drawings

3 Young normal "Feeders", interdependent on their small bulbous plant "Puss." With one biomechanically alterd mature Feeder in the background feeding off a Dome.
Mature Feeders and Puss in their natural environment. Notice that they're single lower Arm "Naval Cord" is not attached after maturing. Naturally they're front arms "proboscis" are used for feeding.

Here a Examiner is installing a Dome over a young Puss plant, specifically it is attaching the one of the three aroma amplifiers, these keep the mutilated Feeders inebriated in their proximity to the Puss plant underneath. The tools the robotic lifeforms are equipped with facilitate their construction in all terrain.

Senior thesis sketches

This Summer I have been narrowing down ideas for my Senior thesis. I've lately been interested in different bio-mechanical organisms living symbiotically, yet monitored and manipulated by a outside force. The reoccurring visual themes in my free sketching are Dome shaped objects supplying energy to larger bio-mechanical beings. These beings are controlled and depended on by a class of machines. I find this this hierarchy similar to human consciousness and its relationship with nature, my objective is too use these basic primordial roles and illustrate them through the contemporary aesthetic of sci-fi which I am attract me. As I further developed the different characters I plotted they're mechanical functions and basic anatomy.





Sunday, May 31, 2009

Character design

Illustrate a character in a space to convey emotion.
Drips fortress of solitude matches his persona. He's a simple guy, lives in a basement and is content. Though he can't help dripping sometimes. I went back in with and quickly added Photoshop graytones to add deph. I'm very happy with the cross-hatching.
Illustrate a super hero that upholds a adjective:
Mine was "Drip." he's a construction worker, a specialist to be exact. He does anything that requires some dripping on a large scale. Such as filling swimming pools and watering landscapes when sprinklers break. By this time I felt very comfortable using cross hatching as my primary technique.
Weight Gain
This assignment's goal was to illustrate a character in 5 segments from very thin to

Illustrate a story.
Our assignment was to illustrate a man who finds a dollar, buys a lottery ticket and gets something unexpected in 5 drawings. I have always felt less-confident drawing figures proportionately but this exercise was very encouraging. I named this guy lawrence.Cute To Brute.

Character Development class. Illustrate a a character, as cute as can be and show the transition into the most ugly and brute character in five drawings. This assignment was very fun, I got some good practice drawing figures in different body gestures.

Missionary transport/ Gunship driving by settlement.
Landscape sketch and color design
First few skecthes of vehicles, people and environment.

Concept Design for Video Games.
The last Illustration assignment was centered on video game concept design, with emphasis on showing the process. The idea was to illustrate your own version of several post-apocalyptic movies we had watched. The option to combine all 3 movies and make your own plot was open. So my game idea was a post-apocalyptic world in which two groups are in constant battle. There are sedentary tribes surviving off the resources left near cities, their main advantage is access to water. In this world, all vegetation has died and replaced by giant water-storing mushroom, in which the tribes exploit and settle around.
The opposing group are the "Missionaries" nomads who travel in large transport vessels comprised of many smaller vehicle parts. They control the remaining oil fields and they're goal is to acquire the encampments for resources such as water, people and parts.
Ideally the game will provide the option to play either characters group.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Oedipus's home.
The Forest where Oedipus meets the Oracle.
The Oracle of Delphi
Oedipus's Mother.

Concept design for Animation.
Our next Illustration Concepts assignment was to pick a Greek myth and adapt it for a animation. I chose the myth of Oedipus and focused on creating a entertaining plot for young adults and older to be watched as a Cartoon. The Freudian "Oedipus syndrome" was a element seemed to good to pass up. I emphasized the overbearing mother, and the sheltered son, Oedipus, who live in there castle-suburb. Within these characters I devised a plot in which young Oedipus encounters the Oracle of Delphi, who is more of a crazed diseased hermit. And the thought of Oedipus marrying his bossy, repulsive mother in his eyes is appalling. So he runs away... and the adventure begins!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Fall of the house of user- The haunted place" scene for MICA's illustration dept. performance.

Hello! these first three images were for the MICA adaptation of the "Fall of the House of Usher" specifically for the "Haunted Mansion" poem recited by Roderick to Usher. This is intended to depict a loss of rationality and sanity. In the performance the Kings face transitioned into the collapsing castle face illustration and then into the brain. Concept design for performance art.

This image was for a adaptation of the Fall of the House of Usher. It is meant to symbolize the walk through the house, from the brick, stone and finally to the tomb in the dungeon.