Sunday, May 31, 2009

Missionary transport/ Gunship driving by settlement.
Landscape sketch and color design
First few skecthes of vehicles, people and environment.

Concept Design for Video Games.
The last Illustration assignment was centered on video game concept design, with emphasis on showing the process. The idea was to illustrate your own version of several post-apocalyptic movies we had watched. The option to combine all 3 movies and make your own plot was open. So my game idea was a post-apocalyptic world in which two groups are in constant battle. There are sedentary tribes surviving off the resources left near cities, their main advantage is access to water. In this world, all vegetation has died and replaced by giant water-storing mushroom, in which the tribes exploit and settle around.
The opposing group are the "Missionaries" nomads who travel in large transport vessels comprised of many smaller vehicle parts. They control the remaining oil fields and they're goal is to acquire the encampments for resources such as water, people and parts.
Ideally the game will provide the option to play either characters group.

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