Friday, January 15, 2010

stalin ad bustung

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aliens with human characteristics

Hello here is some concept work i've worked on this week. I chose to draw aliens with human expressions and they evolved into very humanoid figures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year, 3384 helmet design

This is a comparison of settlers helmets from original condition to 170 years later.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Helmet colors

Hello, here I have chosen one of the three "Pre-colonial" helmet designs to be futher developed in three color concepts. It is important that the helmet reflects over 150 years of use and resembles what a modern utility helmet would look like.

Hello again! I have just completed some helmet concept sketches for my senior thesis entitled "Year, 3384." The helmet designs are for the human colonists engaged in dangerous work, specifically the engineers and hunters. I imagind that some of the settlers held on to the multi-used headgear since colonization, bruised and beaten they would be prized and reserved for seniors. The remaining helmets would have been made from scratch, such as welded scrap metal, and heard leather from feeders.

Settlement concepts

Hello! I hope everyone had a good holidays. In this stage of my senior thesis "Year, 3384" I am drawing concept sketches of human settlements. The humans colonized this planet 170 years ago and survived for 50 years with the aid of machines to survive. For the last 120 years they have been on their own. When brainstorming how their settlements would look like and operate I researched indigenous tribal villages and what materials they use(d). Since the humans depend on hunting the large "Feeders" for food they also construct shelters out of feeder remains. Above I've drawn 19 thumbnail sketches exploring this idea.

Character design, mascots

Reinvent a pre-1980 mascot for current marketability.
"Mr. Wonderful's Surprise " was a cereal created in the mid-70's by general mills. I really enjoy the original characters completely spontaneous clothing (not to mention the para-scope hat). not to mention the awkward potential for sexual innuendo (Creamy vanilla filled puff balls), why does he have to hold two? Its not hard to see why this wouldn't be acceptable for kids now or in the 70's. I took a prevalent Willy Wonka, lucky charm aesthetic and tried to adapt his unique clothing to the character. Composing him not to look to realistic to be creepy for parents or kids, and just plain ecstatic about cereal was a good challenge.

Capture the Dachshunds personality and illustrated it as a ad for various magazines only using the companies name "Mason."
This project was very rewarding as I had not used digital painting over my pencil mark in some time. I have not experimented with text, and found this very suiting. Mason, a dog brought into our class to sketch had a dashing and very curious character and seeing him stand up really captured that behavior.

New concept sketch. Face mechanism.

Hello! here is a sketch I did a little while back. The idea of small mechanisms and constraints interacting with a human face interests me. I produced this drawing while playing with the idea of where and what these mechanisms would be.